Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Finished Quilts for DQS#9.


  1. I know I'm supposed to make a witty comment but I'm just sitting here loving all these quilts and have nothing wity to say just that they are all so fab.

  2. I want them ALLLLLLLLLLLL!! Great job ladies!

  3. such a lovely bunch, im so happy to start seeing finished quilts!!!!

  4. Lots of pretty quilts will soon be flying their way around the globe. I love all the quilts that have been posted.

  5. How about they all get lost in the mail and magically end up at my house. Cool? Cool.

  6. What a nice set!
    I find it fascinating to see how many different things people can do with almost the same raw material (fabric) and following the same rules!
    I think I would be VERY difficult if the rules were different, for example, all participant make a quilt, and then people choose only one!

  7. Millies Quilts birds quilt:

    Mr. Pink: Hey, why am I Mr. Pink?
    Millie: Because you're pink.
    Mr. Pink: Why can't we pick our own colors?
    Millie: No way, no way. Tried it once, doesn't work. You got four guys all fighting over who's gonna be Mr. Black, but they don't know each other, so nobody wants to back down. No way. I pick. You're Mr. Pink. Be thankful you're not Mr. Yellow.
    Mr. Brown: Yeah, but Mr. Brown is a little too close to Mr. Poo poo.
    Mr. Pink: Mr. Pink sounds like Mr. Girly. How 'bout if I'm Mr. Purple? That sounds good to me. I'll be Mr. Purple.
    Millie: You're not Mr. Purple. Some guy on some other job is Mr. Purple. Your Mr. PINK.
    Mr. White: Who cares what your name is?
    Mr. Pink: Yeah, that's easy for your to say, you're Mr. White. You have a cool-sounding name. Alright look, if it's no big deal to be Mr. Pink, you wanna trade?
    Millie: Hey! NOBODY'S trading with ANYBODY. This ain't a city council meeting, you know. Now listen up, Mr. Pink. There's two ways you can go on this job: my way or the highway. Now what's it gonna be, Mr. Pink?
    Mr. Pink: OK Forget about it. It's beneath me. I'm Mr. Pink. Let's move on.

  8. Gorgeous quilts!
    This swap is magical experience, but also has one great drawback... you always want at least half of the quilts so badly..., than get just one gorgeous quilt... and finally have no time to make a replica of the rest you love...

  9. OMG all of these quilts are so awesome who would not be happy to be receiving one of them. Everyone in this group is truly amazing and does such beautiful work I love them all.

  10. they are all delightful and so unique :)

  11. I tried and tried to come up with something witty, after seeing these quilts. But they are just to awesome to be witty about.

  12. This Southern California quilter just received word from Mr. Yellow. He asked me to share the folllowing:
    Dear Mr. Pink,

    Millie Quilts is right! You have NO RIGHT to complain! Yea, okay, you're pink and it makes you feel girly (maybe that's why you are such a whinner ...) But, I would like to point out that you are FIRST, first, I say, first. Not second, not fourth, FIRST!

    Hey, look down here in NINTH! And, remember ... WE'RE ALL B.I.R.D.S. take a moment and let that sink in ... there's no statue here and we all know it flows down hill! So, I think you should just drink a big 'ol SoCal cup of "SHUT THE HELL UP!"


    Mr. Yellow

  13. Here's the REAL story behind the colorful birds....

    Pinky is a country girl, loves to garden, loves to sing.

    Big Red was the quarterback of his high school football team, and is now a successful businessman who runs to stay in shape. He's an avid Boston Red Sox fan.

    Nobody knows anything about Mrs Black, as she doesn't speak the language, but she's very stylish and aloof.

    Miss Violette is well loved among her friends, she is happy and cheerful and knows how to keep a secret.

    Mr White is not to be trifled with. While he looks a little round, he is actually a martial arts expert, with 8 black belts.

    Ms Gold so much more sophisticated now than when she was in school, she changed her name from Orange. Don't call her that now!

    Mr Blue is always cheerful and friendly. He gets along with everybody.

    Mr Green is from the mountains of Vermont. He's rather taciturn. He has a bushy beard and he's a vegetarian. He has a crush on Pinky, who actually feels the same way about him!

    Yellow is a beach bum surfer dude from Southern California. He loves the ladies, and is rather a show-off!

  14. I'm gonna hang with Mr. White, it sounds safer.

    Yellow sounds like a fun guy, though, does he like Happy Hour? I'm thinking.....yes. lol

    All the quilts are great, I'm loving watching each one come to fruition and seeing the thought processes that are behind them. This is such a fun swap.

    Please to notice- I made this whole post without a single exclamation point. Yes, I did.

  15. I love the diversity of these quilts. You know we live in a world where diversity is quite I'm glad to see that it's affected the doll quilt swap. Who knows how diverse the dolls are though? Tee hee!