Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Final deadline for DQS7

Tomorrow marks one week after the deadline to send within country. Hopefully most of us have mailed out our quilts!! For those that havent we have set a FINAL deadline of September 30th. If we havent heard from you by this day, you partner will go on a list. October 1st angel quilts will be sent out. We are hoping to wrap this round up reasonably quickly and not have it drag on for a couple months. If you dont send out by the final deadline, please still send your original quilt out when it is finished. The angel quilts are meant as an "im sorry you had to wait so long" but you are still going to get it!! there are a few instances where quilts never go out, and we understand that, in those cases the angel quilt is THE quilt.
Keep an eye out here for some posts from the swap parents with the quilts of all their bebes
and a little bit about their experience as a dqs parent