Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rainbows of color!

Well I don't think the swap participants are afraid of color this round! Lots of bright, rainbow colored blocks have started to emerge in the group pool.
SpottedStoneStudio has been making progress on a scrappy rainbow flying geese quilt,
Living My Sweet Life was inspired by all of Mamacjt's colorful quilts and decided to make this wonky rainbow quilt,
MollyJolly has created a rainbow of churn dash blocks,
Fionapoppy has her quilt top finished up,
Marilynkb posted a sneak peek that resembles a rainbow quilt pie!
A Girl In Paradise has her quilt top finished up - and its fun and colorful!
~~alissa~~ has made several very colorful rainbow stars,
Patchwork Queen is working on a stunning combination of English paper peiced diamonds and solids,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Putting Pen to Paper

The participants in the swap are starting to get some ideas flowing now!

StitchDutchess has sketched out a DQS11 possibility, here take on Wonky stars and will be using either Kona Ash or White for the background,

Bouncypoodle has an idea bewing with little floating pinwheels,

FlossieBlossom, a swap mama, has possibility for DQS11 using a pattern she found is a 1933 issue of Minature Quilts called 'Wheel of Fortune'
Pinkbrain and Mr.Chicken has an asymetrical design with stars and squares planned out,

Fionapoppy's initial idea is air castle blocks is 9 different colors,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stacks of Fabrics

There has been lots of sketches of what people are going to make and a some stacks of fabrics to tempt us.
Kate@Swim,Bike Quilt has a very lovely color palette with some of Anna Mariah Honer's new LouLouthi:

Amy's Creative Side has a great selection of greens,

Patricabstudio has a lovely selection of red, pinks and pale yellows and greens waiting to be sewn up,

BetsyLynne50 has two fabric selections, Anthology's Sweet Tooth & Hope Valley combined with Kona Ash,
Peonybliss has a rich combination of red, purple and grey pulled together,

Locodowo has a selection of fabrics in grey, blue with a hint of pink,

LemonTreeTales has some pretty oranges and will be using either hot pink or turquoise as the accent color,

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Mosaic Making Time!

Partner emails went out this weekend, so bebe's should know now if they made the lottery and got into the swap this round or not. A mosaic is a great way to inspire your partner with your quilting style, color themes you like and even bitty blocks that you love. Don't know how to make a mosaic? You can find out how in this thread in the Doll Quilt Swap 11 Mosaic Group.
I will start off with some of the most recently made mosaics:
Lots of color in BetsyLynn50's mosaic-

Lots of inspiration of quilts that can be made into bitty blocks in jmbmommy's mosaic -
Shecanquilt added lots of helpful tips about why she choose the quilts in her mosaic -
Suzettra made a mosaic full of lots of color, and nuetrals with pops of colors -
TagEButt has lots of traditional quilts in her mosaic -

{safieh} has a mosaic with lots of  'points', and traditional quilts made with modern fabrics-

Sewgirly! created a mosaic with beautiful quilt designs and color schemes-
Peonybliss did a wonderful job with adding notes to each of the quilts explaining what it is she loves, or why she choose to add them to them to her inspiration mosaic -