Friday, January 21, 2011

Put your sunglasses on - it's rainbow time

Well no-one is afraid of colour this time round so get your sunglasses on and have a look at these fabulous combos.  Jenn (of all trades) has shown us these beauties:
DQS 10 fabric possibilities...

Rachael (Rachaeldaisy) is never afraid of colour so we knew she'd be splashing out ith her doll quilt:
Colourplay for DQS10

Leila (Where the Orchids Grow) has gone for a very similar look to Rachael:
DQS10 possible fabrics for my partner

Janice (Sewgirly) has also gone all rainbow on us but her lucky partner gets to choose between fabric lines:
DSQ10 Fabrics

And finally Karen (malama2006) has gone rainbow crazy and is already ten steps ahead of the rest of us with some cutting done and some layout under way.
DQS in progress

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Putting pen to paper

The participants in the swap are staring to get ideas on paper now.  Susan (Flossie Blossoms, swap mama) is thinking of a village in the mountains scene in rainbow colours:
DQS 10 Idea.....  tentative, maybe... subject to change...
Rebecca's Rags is thinking of raw edge appliqued pieced circles (that's a lot of adjectives right there)and stacked coins in the borders:
DQS 10
Kristy (Love Old Houses) has drawn some hanging things but are they lamps, Christmas decorations - and Kristy is concerned they might be too industrial. I say hanging lamps and I love them but is this one for me anyway?
DQS10 Idea
Jessica (Sew Crafty Jess) is keeping her options open with sketches of pieced circles, haxagons and a string quilt - looks like she's thinking of rainbow colours though, perhaps against a grey or white:
DQS10 ideas
And finally Kandra (mindboggld and also known as the Data Queen mama for being computer-tech-tastic) is planning gnomes, mushrooms, cotton reels and teeny tiny little quilts.
Dqs10 idea?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stacks of fabrics

So far we're seeing sketches, mosaics of what people are going to make and a few stacks of fabrics to tempt us.  Shruti Dandekar (13 Woodhouse Road) has chosen some lovely soft colours in 1930s style fabrics:
Fabric received from Spiced Coffee!!!
Nichol (Hardy Party of 5) has picked a stack of natural tones.  I am hopeless on colours so I don't exactly know why I'm trying to pin down what people have picked:
other additions??
Leila (needle and dime) (who deserves a pat on the back for her cushion being "explored" yesterday - ooh dear, that sounds like a euphemism) has chosen a palette of soft greys and greens with pops of pink and orange:
DQS10 Start
Silvana (Silort), possibly the most skilled (or maravilhosa, as they say in Brazil - I'm trying to sound clever but Silvana taught me this word this morning so don't be too impressed) paper piecer on Flickr, has chosen a few palettes including these beautiful pinks and greys:
3x6 block mini quilt bee - fabrics 001
And finally Colleen, the Busy Bean (Ooh I wonder if she's noticed that rhymes) has set out some fabrics and a sketch all in one go. Now that is efficient:
DQS10 fabric and sketch

Monday, January 17, 2011

And they're off...

Partner emails went out to everyone in the Doll Quilt Swap yesterday over a 24 hour period, as we have mamas all around the globe.  A few participants are already feeling inspired and have kicked off with some hints as to where they are going.  Ethne (Flaming Stitches) has made a wonderful bird mosaic:
What to make my DQS10 partner - Birds?
Amy (Allie Kat Mom) has given us a hint as to the direction she's headed in.  Perhaps a quilt with a monument attached to the top?
My inspiration
Emedoodle has shown us her sketch pad with an array of ideas including "Raft with special thing" which has us all wondering what her special thing might be.
DQS10 - Ideas
Natalie Leppard has produced this gorgeous inspiration drawing: 
DQS10 idea

And finally Lily Rose has shown a tantalising pile of Innocent Crush, a very popular line in the DQS this round, together with a selection of possible solids.  I'd be happy if she just sent me what she's got in the picture - she doesn't even need to sew it together if she doesn't want.

Friday, January 14, 2011

It's mosaic making time

Hi, I'm Lynne, from Lily's Quilts, a UK quilter, and this is my first round as a swap mama in the fabulous Doll Quilt Swap.  Over at the Swap, bebes have now received notification from the mamas as to whether they made the lottery and got into the swap this round or not.  So now it is time to make a mosaic of inspiration.  The mamas will soon email their bebes and tell them who their secret partner is and the inspiration is a great place to get ideas for what the bebe might make.  Here are a few of the mosaics that have appeared over the last few days.  If you click on the mosaics, they will take you through to the flickr pages where, in the description under the mosaics, you can find out who made each item in the mosaic.  Not made one of these before?  You can find out how in this thread on the Doll Quilt Swap 10 mosaic page.
We'll kick off with the most recent addition to the group, a mosaic made by Madame Samm, known to many of you as the person who runs the the fabulous blog, Stash Manicure:
My Mosaic of Fav creations by other ARTiste

The next one is made by my real life friend Mandy (Simply Solids):
My creation 
An eclectic mosaic from Amy Badskirt:
DQS10 - Inspiration Mosaic
An even more eclectic one made by Claire WoffDiTo. 
DQS10 Inspiration
And finally this mosaic, made by jgmehlin, which was my favourite mosaic - yes I faved a mosaic full of faves - is that weird? Either way, whether I'm weird or not, take a look at the mosaics in this group if you have a moment by clicking here and go and find yourself some inspiration for your next project.
Doll quilt mosaic

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Round 10 Blog Button!

Welcome to round 10 of the Dolls Quilt Swap. The amazingly talented Amy has designed our blog button, thanks Amy! Feel free to grab the code at the side and paste it in to your blog.