Friday, January 14, 2011

It's mosaic making time

Hi, I'm Lynne, from Lily's Quilts, a UK quilter, and this is my first round as a swap mama in the fabulous Doll Quilt Swap.  Over at the Swap, bebes have now received notification from the mamas as to whether they made the lottery and got into the swap this round or not.  So now it is time to make a mosaic of inspiration.  The mamas will soon email their bebes and tell them who their secret partner is and the inspiration is a great place to get ideas for what the bebe might make.  Here are a few of the mosaics that have appeared over the last few days.  If you click on the mosaics, they will take you through to the flickr pages where, in the description under the mosaics, you can find out who made each item in the mosaic.  Not made one of these before?  You can find out how in this thread on the Doll Quilt Swap 10 mosaic page.
We'll kick off with the most recent addition to the group, a mosaic made by Madame Samm, known to many of you as the person who runs the the fabulous blog, Stash Manicure:
My Mosaic of Fav creations by other ARTiste

The next one is made by my real life friend Mandy (Simply Solids):
My creation 
An eclectic mosaic from Amy Badskirt:
DQS10 - Inspiration Mosaic
An even more eclectic one made by Claire WoffDiTo. 
DQS10 Inspiration
And finally this mosaic, made by jgmehlin, which was my favourite mosaic - yes I faved a mosaic full of faves - is that weird? Either way, whether I'm weird or not, take a look at the mosaics in this group if you have a moment by clicking here and go and find yourself some inspiration for your next project.
Doll quilt mosaic


  1. U need to change the date for 'Key Dates for DQS10...there is a 2010 lurking in there!

  2. I need to head over and make my mosaic!

  3. I keep adding new faves from other peoples mosaics. There's just soooooo many beautiful things being made!

  4. I made my first mosaic - then made the mistake of going and looking at a load of the others in the group. I now have a stack of new favourites and could probably do with doing another mosaic of inspiration!

  5. I know why that last one is your favorite! LOL. I may have seen another mosaic filled with union jacks for you to fave as well.

    Hey and this is DQS10! Somebody change that header to show Amy's cute doll and her mini quilt!

  6. Ahh my victory garden quilt (no longer in progress) made it into a mosaic.

  7. OHHh wow, sew you are Lynne and not Lilly..boohoos apologies for that, but being real new to all of you, how was I to know...but I know now..YEAH./
    and look, I am here on your blog too, wow, ok, that is for real now...I am a quilter with a name lol. Ohh goodness and I my mosaic is here too. goodness, joy everywhere..hard not to be inspired by this lot, and since I am not sure many are in this doll quilt gathering?
    Added your button to my blog at Sew I quilt, and when I get home today from my meetings, I will return to my quilt for my partner..ohhhh I think it is a possibility she will like it ...a lot! lol you are joy...