Monday, January 17, 2011

And they're off...

Partner emails went out to everyone in the Doll Quilt Swap yesterday over a 24 hour period, as we have mamas all around the globe.  A few participants are already feeling inspired and have kicked off with some hints as to where they are going.  Ethne (Flaming Stitches) has made a wonderful bird mosaic:
What to make my DQS10 partner - Birds?
Amy (Allie Kat Mom) has given us a hint as to the direction she's headed in.  Perhaps a quilt with a monument attached to the top?
My inspiration
Emedoodle has shown us her sketch pad with an array of ideas including "Raft with special thing" which has us all wondering what her special thing might be.
DQS10 - Ideas
Natalie Leppard has produced this gorgeous inspiration drawing: 
DQS10 idea

And finally Lily Rose has shown a tantalising pile of Innocent Crush, a very popular line in the DQS this round, together with a selection of possible solids.  I'd be happy if she just sent me what she's got in the picture - she doesn't even need to sew it together if she doesn't want.


  1. ha ha ha Lynne, what a delightful post. you can send me that i crush too.. so right!

  2. Yes, you always make me laugh out loud, Lynne! So pleased to see everyone making a start already!

  3. LOL, great post!!
    I too love that innocent crush pile! I have made a deal with myself, If I can sew thru 1/4 of my stash by the end of march I am buying an obscene amount of that line!

  4. What an exciting post! I am sifting through my fabrics to pull some inspiration together!

  5. Oh good I can post now (couldn't when at work earlier)
    Thanks Lynne for this - I've got a design drawn out now and just need to introduce fabric before I can officially start - can't wait ;0)

  6. Thanks for including my little drawing :)

  7. you are so funny lynne!! keep it up. wouldnt it be a hoot if someone did make a little quilt with a monument sticking out the top?? i think you should get it!! lol

  8. A pile of fabric - I could call it a daring new direction for abstract quilting! lol It's really sweet to be on the blog, thankyou!

  9. lol great post! I do love that innocent crush too. I think I aught to make the quilt with the "raft with special thing" otherwise everyone will just keep wondering! lol. Not sure if I can pull it off though!