Sunday, July 18, 2010


We have noticed a few houses pop up in some of the amazing quilts being produced. Looking fantastic ladies!!

By nmommy02.

By upstatelisa.

By tweedledeedesigns.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"How does your Garden Grow?"

Another stunning Angel Quilt from the amazing Carol. This is her 2nd attempt at a quilt based on one of her very favorite designers, don't look now. This one was not a pattern, just her attempt at making something that looks like Kellie from Don't look now.

This was her first time quilting swirls. Not too bad, huh?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Finished Quilts.

By AFriend2.

By bearpawandbearpaw.

By ochil_lynz. All done! My partner has the very popular red crosses quilt from DQS8 in her mosaic (it's so popular I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying that!) but all I see when I look at it is lots of St. George crosses (England flags) and I am, incase you weren't aware, Scottish. So my first thought was a quilt of various St.George's with a sneaky wee Saltire (Scotland flag) in the corner. And THEN I discovered my partner is a soccer fan. And is watching the world cup. So these are all world cup qualifying teams! (France, Honduras, Denmark, England, Chile, Netherlands, Argentina, Switzerland and USA!)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tweedledee Designs Top 5.

A guest post from Angela of Tweedledee Designs with her top 5 quilts from previous dolls quilt swaps.

These are the quilts that made me understand that a doll quilt swap wasn't necessarily about the dolls. ;) Each quilt is a work of art in its own way and I love how representative they are of their maker. In no particular order (because there are too many wonderful quilts out there) here are my favorite five.

Made by emma_louise. I love this quilt because it is unique among a collection of quilts that have many things in common, yet appeals to almost everyone. Snow Dance has a beautiful sense of movement and color. I'm one of those people who would say that I'm not always a fan of batiks, but if they were always done in this fresh way I probably wouldn't feel so strongly about them. The colors are bright but not overwhelming with the white background. And of course the quilting is downright amazing. Top it off with the perfect rainbow stripe border (the lines in contrast to the curves of the applique) and you have a particularly beautiful quilt.

This next quilt probably tops everyones list and it's made by the lovely Tacha. This is just a portion of the quit and while the whole thing is absolutely beautiful, this is the part that takes my breath away. There is such whimsy in this little moment, but it is so relatable. This quilt opened my eyes to a type of "landscape" quilt that I would actually enjoy making. I am wowed by her ability to capture the feeling of the two characters in fabric. And it makes me want to have a picnic!

Made by FlossieBlossoms. I don't think that she ended up sending this one to her partner, but this is topping my list of all time favorite doll quilts. I love a good color wheel and the contrast with the black in a sea of white background quilts is wonderful. I'm particularly partial to it because I've had an idea for a pieced quilt that is so similar to this that I actually gasped the first time I saw it because I thought that it was already made. But our ideas are different enough that I will still pursue my own version. In the meantime though, this quilt constantly inspires me to continue my own work while appreciating the beauty of other's.

Made by jrcraft. I adore this quilt for celebrating the simplicity of solid colors and basic quilting shapes. The yellow and orange vibrantly stand out but are balanced by the blues and reds. Though there is a pattern, I don't even see it. What I see is beautiful color and interlocking shapes. A more modern piece than some might enjoy, but it is in perfect harmony with traditional patterns and quilting. A true blend of traditional and modern.

Made by Dontlooknow. This quilt is just so pretty. I admire many of the things that she makes and this type of applique is simply stunning. I love her use of fabric which I think is pretty courageous. The colors, the blend of stitchery and applique are amazing. Her work is truly art and the machine quilting is just the icing on the cake. It's truly a piece that I can stare at over and over.

Oh so many beauties out there and this season looks to bring a whole new series of favorites. I can't wait to see what everyone creates!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Finished Quilts.

From Erin Learns to Quilt.

By Michele360.

Lilys Quilts has really made two quilts. The back say:
"OK so who is this quilt for?"
"XXXX who calls herself XXXX. Don't ask why she doesn't use her real name, none of them do"
"And who made it?"
"Lynne from the UK who calls herself Lily. Lily isn't her real name so why she called herself that, I do not know."
"And why did Lynne make this quilt for XXXX"
"She made it to give to her in the 2010 Flickr Doll Quilt Swap. Again, don't ask. There's a bunch of quilters who swap little doll quilts that dolls don't even get to play with"
"Mmm. Weird"

From mindboggld. She says, it's about 15 x 28 in. (might wanna view it larger :) ) There are imperfections throughout it, because I'm not perfect. I hope you think it adds to its charm. The black areas are quilted quite haphazardly while the white is evenly spaced french knots. The back is made of the ground material with a few balloons for the siggy part. The strings on the balloons are loose. The girl, kitten, flowers and bird are hand embroidered. My very first applique quilt.....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some Animal Action!

A butterfly from Lynne.

A peacock from Soukies.

A hedgehog from Sewjo2009.

Owls and mice from denawayne.

Waving cows and a puppy from Carol.

And wait, there are more! A cute birdie from Nanotchka here. An elephant from CASharp here.