Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Finished Quilts.

From Erin Learns to Quilt.

By Michele360.

Lilys Quilts has really made two quilts. The back say:
"OK so who is this quilt for?"
"XXXX who calls herself XXXX. Don't ask why she doesn't use her real name, none of them do"
"And who made it?"
"Lynne from the UK who calls herself Lily. Lily isn't her real name so why she called herself that, I do not know."
"And why did Lynne make this quilt for XXXX"
"She made it to give to her in the 2010 Flickr Doll Quilt Swap. Again, don't ask. There's a bunch of quilters who swap little doll quilts that dolls don't even get to play with"
"Mmm. Weird"

From mindboggld. She says, it's about 15 x 28 in. (might wanna view it larger :) ) There are imperfections throughout it, because I'm not perfect. I hope you think it adds to its charm. The black areas are quilted quite haphazardly while the white is evenly spaced french knots. The back is made of the ground material with a few balloons for the siggy part. The strings on the balloons are loose. The girl, kitten, flowers and bird are hand embroidered. My very first applique quilt.....


  1. It's been so fun seeing seeing progress and finishes. Thanks for keeping up the blog!

  2. yea! finished quilts! and just a month in woohoo!

  3. each quilt is so unique..LOVE em all!

  4. Love the back of Lynne's quilt. It's so funny! She needs to make sure that you hang it from the top so that who ever gets it can flip it to each side for a while!