Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Mosaic Making Time!

Partner emails went out this weekend, so bebe's should know now if they made the lottery and got into the swap this round or not. A mosaic is a great way to inspire your partner with your quilting style, color themes you like and even bitty blocks that you love. Don't know how to make a mosaic? You can find out how in this thread in the Doll Quilt Swap 11 Mosaic Group.
I will start off with some of the most recently made mosaics:
Lots of color in BetsyLynn50's mosaic-

Lots of inspiration of quilts that can be made into bitty blocks in jmbmommy's mosaic -
Shecanquilt added lots of helpful tips about why she choose the quilts in her mosaic -
Suzettra made a mosaic full of lots of color, and nuetrals with pops of colors -
TagEButt has lots of traditional quilts in her mosaic -

{safieh} has a mosaic with lots of  'points', and traditional quilts made with modern fabrics-

Sewgirly! created a mosaic with beautiful quilt designs and color schemes-
Peonybliss did a wonderful job with adding notes to each of the quilts explaining what it is she loves, or why she choose to add them to them to her inspiration mosaic -


  1. such wonderful mosaics! i really love them all.

  2. Yes I love poring over the mosaics - wonderful inspiration