Monday, June 27, 2011

Swap Mama Introductions!

And were off! With just a few days since signs up have been posted, there is already a lot of buzz in the group! I would like to introduce the swap mama's this round:

Susan- chickenfoot has been around in Doll Quilt Swap all the way since the very first round, and a Mama since DQS2! Just look at this inspiring wall of doll quilts :
Kimmie- quiltinkimmie is a lively Mama in this group, enthusiastic and full of sarcasm! Kimmie has been participating in DQS since round 3 or 4, and has been a Mama for the last 5 rounds. Just look at this beauty she sent out last round for DQS10:

Sue - suejoy70, is one of our Mama's all the way from Australia. She has been quilting for 15 years, and joined DQS in round 7, and has been a Mama since DQS10. Last round she sent out a stunning paper pieced quilt, with lots of amazing movement from the quilting:

Susan - flossieblossoms just started quilting a few years ago, but has been sewing/crafting and doll making for ages. She has been with DQS since round 6, and a Mama for the last 4 rounds. Flossie sent out a bright Rainbow Village quilt for the last round:
 Kandra, mindboggld is a computer programmer and embraces her geeky side! She loves to embroider and quilt and has been participating in DQS since round 9, and joined as a Mama for the last round. For DQS10 she sent out a lovely quilt with wonky house, and cute hand quilted stars:

Helen, Mini_Milley04 is our second doll quilt swap Mama from Australia. She has been quilting for 8 years, and a DQS Mama all the way since round 3! Helen made a vibrant wonky stars mini for round 10:

Solidia, Modernsewl has been participating in Doll quilt swap from the very first round, and has been a Mama since round 8. She not only quilts/sews but also likes to scrapbook, crochet and garden. Here's a great collection of doll quilts she has made made for DQS and a few other swaps:
Carol, Mamacjt is our Angel Mama for the group. That means whenever someone gets a partner who flakes, or a quilt is lost in the mail, Carol makes and send them a quilt! Carol already has 3 (Yes, three!!) doll quilts made ready to be sent out as angel quilts for this round.
Partner emails go out around July 8th, so now is a great time to practice some mini quilt blocks, update your flickr stream with projects you have been working on, gathering up favorites to use in a mosaic if you are in this round, and most importantly- Stay Active & Participate in the Doll Quilt Swap Group!


  1. oooh!! I hope I get in! :) Lovely quilts of the past up there! :)

  2. Beth!You forgot to introduce yourself as the bloggy mama:D

  3. This is now the torture time - waiting to see if you've made the cut - I hope I get in again and look forward to seeing how everyone embraces this new format of DQS

  4. Thank you great Mama's and thank you again Kandra for the lovely quilt you made me - I treasure it