Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Quilts!

Its getting down to the business end of the swap, time to post! There are quilts being finished everywhere, I'll admit I am struggling to keep up with the blog posts! Here are a snippet of a few recent finished ones....

By BetsyLynn50.

By JM1122.

By chocolate is the best medicine.

By sewtobed.

By Quilting Barbie.

By LauraJ_sews.

By lizzyhouse.

By maricopafabrics.


  1. Look at those two with buttons! Cute!!

  2. Waiting patiently for the quilt I sent to arrive and just hope my swap partner likes it and I'm waiting for a DQS panel to arrive on my doorset - oh which one will it be????

  3. So many amazing quilts! So much inspiration!

  4. These are some of my favorite doll quilts, so pretty and I'd be proud to display any of them!