Saturday, September 4, 2010


A quilting label is a very personal thing as this selection from round 9 shows.

By Ruthie Quilts.

By Natalie Leppard.

By Ochil Lynz.

By Mini-milly04.

By Emma Louise.

By Ktelschow.


  1. Great selection of labels. I love how they can add just the wee extra that is sometimes needed.

  2. This was a nice touch of something different. Thats why you are the best blogger!!

  3. I love my bird in that label!! Ruth was great to think of that. My bird is such a goofball.. she even calls my dogs and those stupid... or smart dogs come,sit under her perch and beg from her. That bird drops down her peanuts to the dogs!! The dogs have learned to beg from the bird and she gives them treats!!

  4. Great job on the blogging - pity bloglines is trying to foil your efforts!

  5. I think this rounds labels have been so much fun! They really do add a lot to the quilt, even though they're on the back.

    Mary, that's a riot! Smart bird, next she'll have the dogs opening up her cage so she can fly around the house! lol

  6. I love coming up with just the right label for the right quilt. The title of the quilt is always important to me and I think it reveals a lot about what the quilter sees in their piece. And it's so important to "sign" your work!!