Monday, September 6, 2010

From Cindy to Helen!

I apologize to those who also read my blog. The below post is from there. Cindy sent me an amazing quilt and an amazing parcel full of goodies. I have to share if you don't read my blog just how fantastic a swap partner she is!

I got the best mail today! A parcel from my partner for the flickr DQS#9. I'll admit I was a little suprised as usually I'm one of the last to receive, but this time I am amongst the first! I recognized the user ID on the parcel too from the group and of course with the logo on it, I knew exactly what it was!

It was from Cindy, who absolutely spoilt me!! Look at all the goodies I got! How did she know my blue erasable pen had nearly run out too?

Her quilting is just amazing. I was speechless, I would have been happy with just the quilt! The detail in her hand quilting is incredible and when you run your hand over the bird, the texture!

Little french knots? My hand applique knot knowledge isn't much so I'm not sure... the attention to detail though! It is just lovely!

And the label! What quilt is complete without an amazing label!

And this little birdie to match. I had to take this off Matilda who was playing with it, I distracted her with a parcel that Cindy has so kindly popped in for each of the girls.

They scored these little fairies! We discovered after I took this shot that their hands and feet have little magnets in them so the girls had great fun going around the house seeing what they would stick too!

And also these two little bags! The amount of work in these!! Bags are so tricky to make and she made two! The bigger one has zips and pockets and the DQS#9 logo on it! It's just amazing!!!!! Thank you so much Cindy for everything, I feel very lucky to be your partner. Now just to wait till mine arrives at it's new home, shouldn't be long now.


  1. What a haul you got! Cindy is a very generous partner!! I love the little logo she added to the bag and the birdie is so cute. Not to mention the quilt, of course its beautiful!! and how nice to include something for your daughters!!

  2. Wow, oh wow!!! How fastistic. The quilt is so beautiful, and you have been spoilt with all the goodies. Well deserved I say !!!

  3. wow! you were one lucky partner...such a beautiful quilt and so many sweet goodies!

  4. Oooh I especially love that little square tote, that will be so handy to keep your hand work in! You lucky lucky girl!

    Cindy is my partner for the STUD swap and I can't wait to see what amazing thing she comes up with for me!