Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sketches off and running!

Sewgirly says "here is what I've been playing with. I want a long, narrow quilt with a long clothesline. I am picturing the items hanging on the line being made from vintage linens. The sun, clouds and grass would just be thread outlines. The background is light grey. It's all really rough and will probably change a million times!!"

Lilys Quilt says here is a world without quilt. Little quilts are being made to hang from washing lines suspended by birds between the trees. My original inspiration for these trees came from Sleighd's beautiful tree quilt here.

Craftychops is thinking applique raindrops with an umbrella made out of paper pieced selvage strips!

Flamingstitches just couldn't stop sketching! She admits she needs to make a decision and actually pick something to work on!

Bearpawandbearpaw is working on some initial ideas. I want to do a mixture of piecing and applique. I really like 'drunkard's path' so want to try making trees with this and applique stuff over the top.


  1. So fun to see the design process! I love them all!

  2. Such cute ideas - love the umbrella and raindrops!!

  3. such great starts! i cant wait to see more of these