Friday, June 18, 2010

More sketches!

The sketches keep on flowing.....

Windowshopmom is thinking "Floral border....not sure what fabric yet....the circles are composed of strips of various prints and will be appliqued on either grey or brown (like the block party quilt along blocks). The bottom right circle will be an embroidery piece. I'm thinking something with birds....maybe a piece by Revi Devi...."

Ktelschow was inspired by the Riley Blake Raindrop Stripe fabric because she thought it could easily be used as a backdrop. But what kind of scene would have that backdrop? A little girl walking home from school in the rain, who suddenly decides she doesn't care about getting wet any more, and enjoys the rain instead of avoiding it!

Smeegol has come up with her first draft of what she might be making for the DSQ. She wanted to do a bit of hand work so that she can work on it a bit on her vacation. The bottom center is embroidery and the bottom right is a hexagon block.


  1. Love to see all these thoughts getting down on paper! Can't wait to see what everyone picks for fabrics!!

  2. I feel so slow with all of these sketches out and posted already! I guess I am not much of a sketcher. :) Oh well- I am enjoying seeing what everyone else is planning!

  3. I am finding all the sketches to be very inspirational and just plain FUN to see! Good job, ladies! Such talent..... amazing.