Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kimmie's Top 5!

Today we have one of the Mama's, Kimmie with some of her favorite quilts from past rounds "I didn't include rounds 1 or 2 because there weren't many with tags for those, and I didn't want to go through 4,000 photos".

From Round 3 by Lemon Tree Tales. "I love the vibrant colors in one of my favorite patterns."

From Round 4 by Needles-n-notions. "I love how this one makes you feel like you are right at the beach!!

From Round 5 by Don't Look Now. The colors and fabrics are beautiful, but what really stands out to me is that it has the most amazing quilting in it.

From Round 6 by Emma_Louise. I like that this one makes me think about my Grandmother's house. She had cherry trees, and this is like looking out her windows into her yard.

From Round 7 by Mini_Millyo4. Flying geese, rainbows, amazing quilting, what else does a quilt need? Its perfect!

From the last round, Round 8 by caitty1. This one is just too cute. Is it Little Red Riding Hood, or Jacob and Bella?


  1. haha i like your comment on that last one. this is a great way to remember past rounds!

  2. Oh those are all fabulous choices and it's lovely to see some quilts I hadn't seen before.

  3. Some of these are new to me, thanks Kimmie for pulling them to our attention!

    Love the beach one and the Red Riding Hood, and the cherries/bird and oh.... just all of them! The geese are so right up my alley, the appliqued heart with flowers and butterflied, the Bento boxes......... I would have just died to have found any of those in my mail box!

  4. I'm so honored that you picked my beach quilt from round 4! I made it for Marilyn and we've been reading each other's blogs and commenting ever since. It's so fun to meet fellow quilters through these doll quilt swaps!

  5. I love the red riding hood one. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oooh, one of mine - Thanks Kimmie! I like your choices - four of them are in my favourites, too!

  7. I was the lucky recepient of little red. Unfortunately, I have to admit I am not that talented when my guests oooo and aaaw and want to know if I made it.

  8. You absolutely are on the money here. Two of them are ones that I picked out for my top five but then changed after your post went up first. LOL. But I love your choices!