Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Finished Quilts!

With September creeping up on us, it is great to see another batch of quilts finished. This swap produces such amazing talent.

The Banyard tree by mamamary2.

TagEButt has designed a quilt that can be hung either way!

A Peek At Donns's World reveals this quilt! All quilted, binding on, just need to wash/crinkle it and add the label. My daughter thinks I want to keep it for myself... my daughter may be right!!

By Laplandyellow.

This cutie is by AsiyahK. She explains, The raw-edge appliqued doll quilt features two panels. The bottom panel has a house with a cute little pup sitting on a quilt. The top panel has two doggies: one underneath the orange tree, the other chasing two birds.

This one is by Fun and Comfort Quilts. I'm calling it "Obaasan's Fans" (that's japanese for grandmother). The back is the blue fabric in the fans and binding. I'm not showing it because the label is back there and may give too much away...


  1. I so, so, SO love that Banyan Tree Quilt (!) but they're all lovely. I've finally (or is that FINALLY?) decided what to do for my partner so will begin it this weekend.

    <===== is excited!

  2. all awesome quilts!
    thanks for posting a new peek at them helen!
    cant wait to see the next round of finished ones, it seems there are new ones every day